You know we are all adults here. (hopefully) . And if one or two of us are underage, they have been warned and are making an informed choice to be naughty and look at some adult woman’s butt.

However a 14 year old girl can’t make an informed choice to have her naked picture distributed all over the world for all time. 

If you see a picture that looks underage, go to the site and see if there are lots of similar pictures. Or if the picture is blatantly underage, report it. 

Copy the URL of the offending picture and go to the link above and then to the bottom of the page. Fill out the email form and copy the URL in the text. Mark it “underage” in the subject.

If there are enough “bad apples” on tumblr they will shut us all down. And I hate to say it but I wouldn’t want to be a part of a site that turned a blind eye to underage pictures. We all have fun here and we are all adults.

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